Kali Penetration Testing Tools

This website is created for students in BIS4857 Internet Security class to learn Kali penetration testing tools. Its engine is WordPress without any installed security plugins.

The following GUI-based applications in Kali are mentioned in this course

  • Information Gathering
    • netdiscover
    • sparta
    • zenmap (graphical version of nmap)
  • Web Application Analysis
    • owasp-zap
    • webscarab
  • Database Assessment
    • hexor-base
    • jSQL injection
  • Password Attacks
    • johnny
    • ophcrack (crack the password using rainbow table)
  • Wireless Attacks
    • fern wifi attack
    • ghost phisher (fake AP, DNS, DHCP, HTTP server)
  • Sniffing & Spoofing
    • ettercap
    • wireshark
  • Reporting Tools
    • casefile (like Visio)

Enjoy the show!

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